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Balancing Stones on the Beach

Bringing Balance Into Your Life.

Dr. Kochlany had an underlying desire to help others who just don't feel fulfilled in their lives.  Perhaps struggles with coping with the pandemic, retirement, relationships, children, health are attributing to this. She discovered arts and crafts, YouTube, volunteering for organizations, and counseling others after retirement helped her adjust to a non-structured day. 


Along with her expertise in behavior, technology, social media, nutrition, memory, and ADHD, she decided to launch her Dreamations Health, which has its own YouTube Channel (@dreamationshealth) and this Website.  She is a life-long learner who wants to take you on the journey with her to a healthy mind and body.


The journey will include exploring arts and crafts, nutrition, memory and focus training, appropriate behavior training techniques, travel, relaxation and stress release activities, sports, personal relationship skills, social skills, parenting, ADHD, and much more so that you can live your best life!

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